These days, if your business doesn’t have a website, it can be virtually impossible for potential customers to discover you. But not all businesses can afford a huge advertising budget in order to increase their online presence. I can provide you and your business with the type of affordable internet marketing services that you need to grow and succeed in the digital age. With my help, you can increase your ranking on major search engines, such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo. This in turn will bring more customers and help you build your business at a price you can afford.

Affordable Internet Marketing Services I Provide

I can provide a wide variety of affordable internet marketing services to make sure that your business gets noticed by potential customers. An overwhelming majority of consumers are now using the internet as their primary tool for finding products and businesses to meet their needs. Whether this is your first time optimizing your business for internet marketing, or whether you’ve received lackluster results from other internet marketing firms in the past, I’ll give your business the attention it deserves. Together, we can collaborate and come up with a solid plan for making sure your website develops an impressive online presence.

Organic Search Engine Marketing

Have you ever clicked on a link to a website and been disappointed to find that the page looks like something written by robots, for robots? With Organic Search Engine Marketing, which is my specialty, I’ll help you design a website constructed for humans, by humans. When you design the content of your site to appeal to actual customers, your conversion rates (the rate at which visitors to your site decide to patronize your business) will be much higher than they would on a robo-page designed for high search rankings only. After all, what good is having a high search engine ranking if it isn’t helping you attract customers and grow your business

On-Site SEO

The first step to creating any good website is to make sure that your main page, and every page connected to it, is properly optimized for maximum visibility by your potential customers. I’ve been developing White Hat SEO Services for many years. I am well-versed in all of the most effective techniques for maximizing your virtual real estate. When your pages contain all of the relevant keywords and phrases that your future customers are searching for, it increases the likelihood that your website will cross their radar – and bring in more revenue.

Off-Site SEO (Link Building)

Of course, it’s not just about making sure that your domain is optimized. In order to perform well in the digital age, you have to make sure your pages are connected to links and resources which are also relevant to your business. That’s where off-site SEO comes in. By connecting and establishing links with other pages that are relevant to your product or service, carry authority on the subject, and are likely to be visited often and shared frequently, I can improve your website’s visibility on the internet. With my help, you can build up real relevance and authority around your product.

  • Custom Link Building

    To help bring attention to your website and business, you’re going to need to extend your reach and connect with other relevant websites. These links can help associate your business and your brand with other authorities in your particular industry. As part of your affordable website marketing, I can sit down with you to formulate a custom link building strategy to get your business and your website noticed. I prefer to take an organic approach when it comes to link building. My main goal is to link your domain to pages that hold both relevance and authority within your specific industry.

  • Business Directory Listings

    Business Directory listings are an often overlooked aspect of search engine optimization. In a manner of speaking, online business directories are the virtual equivalent of the Yellow Pages (back before the internet, when people still used phonebooks). Customers like to use business directory listings, such as Angie’s List, Yellowbook, CitySearch, and more when they’re looking for goods or services, but don’t know exactly where to start searching. This is why I prefer to incorporate them into my affordable web marketing strategies. Listing your business in an online business directory (or several) is an efficient way to connect with potential customers, as well as generate organic internet traffic and improve your search engine rankings.

Paid Search Engine Marketing

For companies who have the financial means to do so, I will also incorporate Paid Search Engine Marketing into the overall advertising plan. There are many different ways to utilize Paid Search Engine Marketing in order to increase your brand’s online visibility and improve sales/conversions. When I formulate a marketing plan for your business, I’ll help you figure out whether a Cost per Click (CPC) or Cost per Impression (CPM) strategy is an economically effective way to advertise your business. From there, we can outline an effective approach for improving brand awareness and attracting more internet traffic to your domain.

Google AdWords Search Network

Google AdWords Search Network is one of the biggest platforms for advertising your business online. With Google AdWords, I can help you advertise your domain on millions of pages connected to the Google Search Network. This includes the basic Google searches, Google Maps, Google Shopping, and many more. Paying to advertise on the Google Search Network is one of the most effective ways of getting your brand out there and attracting potential customers to your website. I have been working with AdWords for many years helping clients like you achieve real internet marketing success. My experience with this service makes me uniquely qualified to get you the best results for your money.

Bing Ads Search Network

Bing Ads Search Network performs a very similar function to the Google AdWords Search Network. By paying for their services, you can advertise your business on any of the search partners which are affiliated with Bing. If you choose to pay for Bing Ads, I am familiar enough with these services to craft a custom advertising strategy for your business. Together, we can optimize your site’s paid advertising campaign in order to maximize your ROI. Knowing how and where to place your ads on the Bing Ads network is an essential step towards improving your internet marketing and creating solid brand awareness.

Display (Banner) Advertising

Another one of my areas of expertise is Display Banner Advertising. Display banners, when used correctly, can really make your business stand out while also generating sales and conversions at the same time. Display banner ads are one of the most cost-effective advertising methods I’ve worked with over the years. I’ve been incorporating banner ads into my SEO for a very long time, so I am well-versed in where and how to place these ads. With my help, your banner ads will only show up on websites where your potential customers can see them, making sure that the sales generated will yield a high return on your investment.

Google AdWords Display Network

Unlike the Google AdWords Search Network, the Google AdWords Display Network doesn’t require anyone to be actively searching for something in order for your advertisements to be seen. This network extends to millions of websites, including those owned by Google (like Gmail and YouTube). It can also help your advertisements be seen on blogs which contain content relevant to your particular product or service. But it doesn’t stop there. AdWords advertisements can reach past the traditional home computer and be displayed on many popular mobile apps, as well as mobile websites. I have designed many successful internet advertising campaigns with the help of the Google AdWords Display Network.