Why White Hat SEO Is The Only Way To Go

//Why White Hat SEO Is The Only Way To Go

Search engine optimization has long been a topic of fierce debate. A quick online search will reveal passionate opinions and diverse viewpoints on what constitutes a well thought-out SEO strategy. What methods will get webmasters and bloggers the highest search engine ranking? How can developers best engage their audiences while being ranked on the coveted first page of search results? It has become clear that White Hat SEO techniques are the only reliable and credible way to boost search rankings. Black Hat tricks may seem appealing at first, but the consequences can be dire for those who choose to use them. Even Grey Hat strategies can lead to disastrous results in the rankings. It is just not worth it to try and scheme the system any longer.

Relevant Content

Consumers today want creative and engaging content on websites and blogs. With proper research and preparation, bloggers and webmasters can ensure that they have a captive audience when they deliver quality material for the viewer to consume. Content should be relevant to the topic at hand; techniques such as keyword stuffing and shady backlinking have long since proven ineffective in obtaining high search rankings. Evergreen content is even better; it can feed audiences no matter what day, month, or year.

Honest Feedback

If a webmaster or blog owner sells products or services, they should only post reviews that are legitimate and honest. Buying reviews can have serious negative consequences in both audience engagement and search engine rankings. Frequently, fake reviews are repetitive and poorly written. Most visitors can see right through the facade. Reviews and feedback from real people can enhance credibility and develop brand loyalty at the same time. Not every review has to be positive; after all, no product or service is absolutely perfect, and in fact, some negative reviews can be an excellent opportunity to build loyalty with some customers.


Search engines are regularly changing their algorithms and methodology in how they rate websites. Using only White Hat SEO techniques can help to ensure that a site can stay on the right side of regulation. If a webmaster or blog owner is confident that their content and associated links are of high worth, then they do not have to worry about running afoul of new guidelines. This can sustain a site’s position in the rankings. When the big search engines switch things up, doing the right thing most definitely pays off.

Stick to the Script

If a post is about kittens, don’t write about dogs. This is to say that the content of a post or website should be on topic. Shady techniques such as bait-and-switch websites and doorway pages can severely penalize a site owner in search engine rankings. A robust White Hat SEO strategy does not include dishonest methods that annoy visitors and scam the system, and approaches their web development and design with the knowledge that the higher quality site, the better chance of SEO. Written content should stick to the overall theme and purpose of the site. Of course, it is okay to deviate slightly if the curator wants to write an off-topic post; however, keeping content relevant is mission critical.

Final Thoughts

Please do not mistake cheap Black Hat SEO tricks and potentially harmful Grey Hat techniques for a reliable search engine optimization strategy. White Hat SEO is genuinely and undoubtedly the only way to go. By writing or purchasing quality content and being honest with visitors, site owners can work to ensure their creation will be found by nearly all of the major search engines. The more exposure a webmaster, developer, or blog owner receives, the better he or she can boost their rankings even further. White Hat SEO practices are the present and future of search, and it only makes sense to strive for perfection in this area.


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