How to Tackle Big Work Projects the Smart Way

//How to Tackle Big Work Projects the Smart Way

If you’re a business owner, entrepreneur, or manager there are a host of ways to manage big projects better and more efficiently. Project management can get out of hand quickly if you’re not organized from the beginning. Here are a few tips for handling your most important projects in a way that makes you and your team highly productive, even in the face of the biggest projects.

Divide up your tasks

Any big project can be broken up into smaller, bite-sized tasks. Split up duties, and then look at them carefully to see if you can break them up again. Set goals and deadlines for each task, and assign them to the team member who will be handling them. Giving the tasks to team members and holding them responsible is a great way to not only make sure a task get done, but also helps to foster your team member’s skills and shows you trust them. These productivity tips can also help you get the most out of your team.

Rely on online applications

Online applications can do just about anything you need them to. Consider using collaborative online software so your workers can keep track of their progress as well as the progress of others. With online applications and software you can even have team members stay in contact if they prefer working from home or if they are not always in the office. Viewing your progress in one place provides a lot of motivation to keep moving forward, which explains why so many small businesses are using such applications and software.

Maintain an online portfolio

Having an online project portfolio is a great idea for keeping track of your projects and linking to them if the client wants to see your progress. If your business is tech savvy, consider portfolio management that allows you to prioritize and manage projects, model “what if” scenarios, and create portfolios on the fly. Remember to always keep your portfolio up to date with your latest and best work. The best portfolio pieces are the ones that have to do with your business goals.

Stay in regular contact

Obviously you should be somewhat informed of the project status from the online systems, but how often should you actually ask about the project? A good general rule is about once a week. You do not want any sudden problems or surprises to come up with the project, but at the same time you do not want to have to feel like you are hovering.

There are all sorts of ways to stay organized and on track when you’re working on a massive project. Try out different productivity strategies and online tools to find the ones that work best for you. If something isn’t working well, don’t be afraid to scrap it and try something else. The point is always to be making progress and to find the tools and strategies that support you along the way.


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