Everyone is Abandoning Local Hosting and Storage. Here’s Why:

//Everyone is Abandoning Local Hosting and Storage. Here’s Why:

The world practically revolves around the internet and the commerce surrounding it these days, but more and more businesses are turning away from their local data hosting solutions and opting for cloud-based solutions for a variety of reasons. Here’s a quick peek at just five reasons why local hosting and data storage is falling out of favor.


Local Hosting Costs More

According to Object Rocket, a database is a computer system used to store indexed information. And in the age of big data, plenty of websites are turning to cloud-based solutions over local hosting for one simple reason: cost.

As a web business grows and gains more customers, there’s a lot of information that needs storing. This type of growth used to mean buying storage space from your hosting provider and having on-site IT staff to manage the data you keep on-site. However, it’s become cheaper to out-source this data storage to services like Google Cloud Storage or Amazon Web Services.

Not hosting data locally on-site means organizations can cut down on the amount of IT staff that’s needed, too.


Cloud Hosting is More Reliable

One of the significant advantages cloud hosting has over local hosting is that the data is replicated numerous times. This duplication of data means in the event of one server’s failure; there’s a backup available that’s ready to be deployed with minimal downtime.

To get the same level of service with local hosting, you would need to duplicate the data yourself and have it served off-site so that an on-site accident doesn’t destroy both copies of data. The ease of duplication of data makes it much more feasible to keep it located on cloud servers from large organizations like Amazon or Google for maximum reliability.


Cloud Hosting is Easier to Scale

In addition to dead simple setup and configuration, cloud hosting is also a lot easier to scale up and down based on your businesses’ needs. For local hosting, you would need to buy tons of extra equipment that then costs you money to run and must be factored into the budget. You can cut this step out entirely by opting for scalable cloud hosting.


As you can see, cost plays a vital role in why people are abandoning local hosting and storage in favor of more cloud solutions. Significant savings in start-up costs, maintenance costs, and administration costs means cloud hosting is an increasingly attractive decision for business owners in the age of big data.

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