Email Marketing in Hindsight – 2013

//Email Marketing in Hindsight – 2013

All in all, this year we saw amazing growth in our clients’ email marketing projects – we managed to match the best-case annual projections for 2013 – at current count, our email marketing efforts have actually generated roughly 137% of the projected estimates.

You read that right – we’ve actually exceeded the projected revenue from our client sites in 2013.

Projected Annual Revenue from email marketing projects for 2013 was $165,184 USD, as of January 2013.

Approximate Email Marketing Revenue as of Christmas Eve, 2013*:

  • Revenue from Clients in USA- $160,530 USD
  • Revenue from Clients in Brazil- $40,334 USD
  • Revenue from Clients in France – $25,885 USD
  • Total Revenue for all Clients – $226,749 USD

*Several client sites use an initial trial offer followed by a recurring subscription – obviously, revenue from these trial sales is calculated based on the estimated retention rates, so the revenue from these sites tends to have a rather large standard deviation in weekly revenue.

That’s approximately 137% of the projected revenue from email marketing – an extra $61,565 USD “in the stocking” as of tonight.

Merry Christmas, indeed!

“But How???” you may ask. “I thought email marketers were screaming and ranting about the sky falling every other month this year?”

Well, they were actually worrying about the shifting landscape for email marketing:

  • Tabbed Inboxes introduced for GMail Users
  • Google Image Caching announced for GMail Users

Overall, Google’s changes for GMail didn’t affect our clients’ email marketing performance in a statistically significant way – we saw open rates dip, and rise, and resume a typical biweekly fluctuation. The change in average weekly revenue was negligible (a few dollars out of thousands), and within weeks their growth in revenue resumed.

Throughout 2013, we focused on expanding email marketing support to our clients’ second and third tier product lines, including a double-dose of e-commerce support and some experimental welcome series.

In addition, we began split testing various elements in the email support chains for our clients’ cash cows – opening up each stage of the funnel a little at a time until – PRESTO, more sales at no additional cost. Subject Lines, dynamic copy, send times, image variants, calls-to-action, button coloring, message layouts . . . you name it, we most likely tested it at least once in 2013.

And, to ensure that we weren’t pushing more junk leads through their funnels, we kept a close eye on the statistical significance of sales changes in each split test – if a variant didn’t reach the 95% confidence level, it wasn’t good enough to implement yet.

So, THAT is how we managed to exceed our own revenue projections – small, element-level optimizations and additional email support chains for our clients’ smaller, steadily trafficked brands. A new project every other week, with weekly analytics and revisions.

In closing, I’d like to thank my co-workers for their tireless productivity and support; our clients for continuing to fuel the symbiotic and profitable relationships between our companies and brands; and Bronto Software for providing reliable email marketing services for our projects (We’ll forgive the list synch issues from September – tis the season of goodwill!).

And thank you for the awesome drinking glasses, Bronto! How’d you know I love sauropods and frosted glass?

Happy Holidays to you all!

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Douglas is an internet marketing specialist based in the Southern Florida region of the United States. He has over 4 years experience working with a wide range of clients, both local and national. He has helped directors and owners develop marketing campaigns involving a mix of search engines, email service providers, social media and various eCommerce platforms.