Easy Ways to Keep Up With Website Maintenance

//Easy Ways to Keep Up With Website Maintenance

An effective website requires routine maintenance. Unfortunately, many business owners lack the skills or time it takes to keep up with industry changes and monitor their site—resulting it poor online visibility and low traffic. If this sounds familiar, then take a look at the following maintenance tips for your company’s website.

Use a CMS

Building your website with a content management system (CMS) will simplify maintenance processes. A CMS like WordPress or Joomla, for instance, offers a web-based interface where you can create new pages, modify existing pages, and make other necessary changes to your site. Rather than creating a new HTML page on your computer and uploading it to your site’s server, you simply log in to the CMS admin portal and add the page from your web browser.

According to SiteUptime, search engines index how often you modify your site based on its “if-modified-since” code, so it’s important to make consistent updates. Use an accessible management system so that search engines recognize that your website is active on the web.

Create an Updating Schedule

Assuming that your business’s website runs plugins, extensions, and other software, you should get into the habit of checking for new updates on a regular basis. According to Search Engine Land, 2016 experienced a 32 percent increase in website hacking compared to the previous year.

While hackers use a variety of techniques to access sites, one of the most common cyber vulnerabilities is outdated software. If your site runs outdated software, then a hacker may exploit a vulnerability in the software to infiltrate your site. So check for new versions of your site’s software at least once a week.

Website Monitoring Service

If your business’s operations are dependent on its website, then you should use a monitoring service to keep track of uptime and downtime. This service will automatically monitor your site and notify you when it goes offline.

For e-commerce businesses and online vendors, even short periods of downtime can prove costly. When Amazon went offline for 30 minutes, it sustained an average sales loss of $66,420 per minute.

With professional services providers, like insurance companies and accounting firms, you may not lose direct sales. However, potential leads will likely  turn to competitor websites while your site is down. To prevent this from happening, use a website monitoring service.

Create Backups

Perhaps the most important website maintenance task is creating backups. Without a backup copy of your site, you risk losing your entire site from cyber attack or natural disaster. For instance, a fire or flood at the data center that houses your server could physically destroy your site’s data. But if you create backups, you can restore your site back to normal.

You don’t have to spend countless hours maintaining your company’s website. Follow these tips to streamline maintenance tasks and improve your business’s presence on the web.



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